What are 'Friendly' games?

A Friendly game allows players who are Friends or within the same Guild the ability to Duel each other, practice different strategies, and try out different deck combinations. Unlike regular Duels Friendly matches are practice, do not impact either player’s Rank positively or negatively, and do not grant any rewards.

To start a Friendly game, select 'Social' on the Main menu, which will automatically open the ‘Friends’ tab. Here, players can Duel any Friend who is currently online by selecting the Friend’s Username and then choosing the green ‘Friendly match’ option.

 At this point, a match invitation will be sent to the requested Friend and pend for approximately 30 seconds until it is accepted or will otherwise auto- decline. and If the Friend accepts the match by selecting the 'Join' option, the two players will enter into a Friendly Duel. If the Friend cancels the match by hitting the 'x' button, no Friendly match will take place.

Additionally, players within the same Guild may enter into Friendly matches. To Duel a Guild teammate, select 'Social' on the Main menu, which will automatically open the ‘Friends’ tab, then choose My Guild.  

Players can chat with Guild teammates and request Friendly matches with them. This chat is separate from Global chat and is only visible to current Guild members. Here, a player can select the ‘Friendly match’ option to send a request in Guild chat. When requesting a Friendly match in Guild Chat, any available teammate can accept the request and enter into a Friendly match.

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