How can I view card and item stats?

Players may review their entire card collection at once by selecting the ‘Cards’ tab in the Main menu. A full list of every Card in game is available to view under ‘All Cards,’ while specific House and Faction collections such as Council, Dark Elf, or Warden, can be viewed separately. 'All Cards' and House categories contains the full roster of all possible cards, whether they are in a player's inventory or not.

 Filters to Find: A player can filter search results by selecting the upside-down cone shaped button located near the top right corner. Players may filter Cards to choose from by Name, details, House, Rarity, Mana cost, and more to help locate particular Cards.

Under ‘All Cards’ a player can use the House Filter to display Neutral cards (hese are Cards which do not belong to ‘main’ Houses such as Dark Elf, Council, or Warden)– this allows a player to see all cards that could possibly go into a deck versus cards only affiliated with a particular House.

House Allies: To review a particular Faction or House, under the ‘Cards’ tab in the Main menu, a player can scroll through and select a particular House or Faction tab (Dark Elf, Council, Warden, etc.), then can review the Cards affiliated or ‘loyal’ to that House. (Ex: Marax is in the Dark Elf House only, and Sir Baldric is in the Council House only)

Cards 101: In the ‘Cards’ tab in the Main menu a player can also review information and details about particular cards to learn more about them. The information displayed on a card can help a player know: which buffs or spells may be applied to this card, Mana Cost, starting Attack Power, Health, Armor, and any Special abilities the Card may have.

When reviewing a Card collection, players can simply tap or select the Card they wish to expand to review more information about it. This will pull the card into a secondary larger window and provide its full stats to review, regardless if the card is in the player’s collection or not. Players are able to pull these details in-game as well by selecting or tapping on an enemies’ or their own Cards in hand to learn more about cards and develop strategies for Deck building or Dueling!

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