How can I add and play with Friends?

To add or view Friends, select the ‘Social’ button located on the left side of the Main menu.

Under the ‘Friends’ tab, players can review Friends’ Stats, add new Friends, and challenge them to Friendly Duels!

Friends can be added directly in Global or Guild chat by clicking or tapping on a Username, then selecting ‘Add Friend.’ Players can Connect to Facebook to add Friends and earn awesome rewards, or Friends can be added by searching for their Username!

To search for a friend a player will need the Full Username, including the # afterwards of the player they wish to add. 'Searching' a name with an exact match will result in an automatic Friend Request being sent, which must then be accepted by the other player.

 If the Username entered matches multiple accounts, it must be entered more specifically by including the unique # following that player's Username.

(( This information is displayed when chatting in Global chat, or a player can locate their full name by selecting the Gear (Options) Icon in the top right corner of the Main menu, then selecting the ‘Account’ tab. This will show the player their full name, and Registered email address. ))

Once a player has sent the Friend Request and it is accepted, the new Friend will appear in that player’s Friends’ list.

Friend's List perks: Players are able to review information about others by selecting a Username. This will pull up a window and provide information such as the player’s Avatar, if that player is a member of a Guild, their current and best Season Rank- as well as the ability to send Friend Requests directly if that player has not blocked the option to be added.

 For additional details or to expand these stats, select the “More Info” (+) symbol. This will expand the player’s Summary page which contains their total number of Duels, Duels won, and their Win rate.

Players may have up to 100 Friends in Hero Academy 2. Get out there, make some friends, and win some Friendly Duels!











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