How do I build a customized Deck?

Players can custom-build up to 25 unique decks to utilize the most powerful combination of cards, weapons, and spells!

Access your Collection:

 To access a Card Collection, players can select the Cards icon in the main left hand menu. From here, a player can review their entire card collection by selecting ‘All Cards’ or can view Cards separated by House or Faction such as Council, Dark Elf, or Wardens.

Players can filter results by selecting the upside-down cone shaped button located near the top right corner. Players may filter Cards to choose from by Name, details, House, Rarity, Mana cost, and more to locate specific cards.

Choose a Faction and House Powers:

In Deck Building a player can edit existing decks or can create a new deck of 30 cards. When creating a new custom deck, a player will first be prompted to choose a Deck Name, and then House. ‘House’ refers to the thematic grouping or Faction of cards, such as the Council, Dark Elf, or Warden.

Once a House is chosen a player is able to choose two unique House Powers. Additional House powers will unlock through game-play progression and as a player's level increases. To change a House power, tap or right click on a selected power to replace it.

Crush those Crystals:

Once a House and Powers are chosen, cards can be added to a deck that match the Houses' type. Along with House cards, any neutral House can be added to a custom deck. Neutral Houses are any cards not belonging to the three main House Categories: Council, Dark Elf, or Warden.

Icons below cards will show availability of the card, if it is already in the deck or is available to be added. Yellow icons indicate the card is available to add to a deck. Green icons indicate the card is already being used in this deck. Gray indicates that copy of a card is not yet owned.

A deck must contain 30 cards, so be sure to use a wide variety of Heroes, Spells, and Weapons to utilize your cards to their fullest potential. Don't be afraid to try different tactics and combinations to take enemies down!

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