Does ‘Disenchanting’ Cards Remove Them From My Inventory?

Disenchanting Cards to exchange for Inks can be done in the ‘Cards’ tab located on the Main menu. Located near the bottom players can see the option to Disenchant Cards or Craft a new Card.

 Disenchanting does not remove any unused cards from your Inventory or Decks. Disenchanting will take all cards that have reached their capped number and exchange the extra copies of those cards for a number of Inks depending on the cards' rarity. Inks can then be used to create or craft a new card. 

For example: Players may have 4 Rat cards total in their inventory before being ‘capped’. If a player receives another Rat card in a Pack, the ‘excess’ or 5th card will automatically go to be Disenchanted in the Crafting menu and will count towards obtaining that card's Gold Vanity Skin. That player will still have the ‘capped’ number of 4 Rat cards available in their inventory, regardless of if these cards are used in any active decks or not. 

When Disenchanting a Card the card rarity will be displayed, showing the number of Inks exchanged and granted per individual Card rarity value with the total amount of Inks credited to the player displayed at the bottom.

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