Will there be any more account resets during the Open Beta?

We have no plans to reset accounts again for our open beta.

As announced in our blog post, on December 12th, 2016, accounts were reset when Siege mode was removed from OMDU. 

The following items were reset in full:

  • All leaderboards
  • Account and hero levels
  • All unlocked heroes, skins, traps, stars, or crafting resources
  • Any purchased gold that has been spent
  • Guild points earned

The following items were not affected by the reset:

  • In-game flair for founders, as well as their enchanted armor skins
  • Your Refer-A-Friend account list (but your wins will be reset)
  • Usernames
  • Friend lists
  • Guilds

The five promotional skins listed immediately below were not be affected by the reset: 

  • Cardboard Tube Samurai Maximilian
  • Life in Plastic Gabriella
  • Breaker of Molds Bloodspike
  • Lionheart Maximillian
  • Blackscale Blackpaw 

To clarify, this means that anyone who owned one of the above skins retained ownership of that one skin after the reset. 

Players who redeemed a code for any one of the skins listed below received all nine of the following skins:

  • Scared-Crow Maximilian
  • PAXimilian Maximilian
  • Orc Slayer Maximilian
  • Lucky Tunic Maximilian
  • Promising Prodigy Gabriella
  • Frightfully Delightful Gabriella
  • Violet Vintage Gabriella
  • Firestarter Smolder
  • War Chief Tundra

Gold you purchased or spent was added back to your account in full at the time of the account reset. Additionally, all players will receive 1,250 extra gold for logging in during the first two weeks after the update.

For further details regarding the changes or the account reset, please see our Community Manager's post here


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