Where Can I Find All These Cool Promotional Skins?

Get the lowdown on where to earn the rarest skins for OMDU!  

Blackpaw Enchanted Armor Founder Pack 
Blackpaw  Blackscale Friend Referrals 
Bloodspike Breaker of Molds  Boardgame Kickstarter 
Gabriella Miracle Worker Extra Life Donation
Gabriella  Enchanted Armor  Founder Pack
Gabriella  Frightfully Delightful  Halloween Giveaway 
Gabriella  Life in Plastic Boardgame Kickstarter 
Gabriella  Violet Vintage  PAX Prime 2015 
Gabriella  Promising Prodigy  Streamer Exclusive 
Hogarth Enchanted Armor Founder Pack
Hogarth  The Schling Rooster Teeth Promotion
Ivy  Enchanted Armor  Founder Pack 
Maximilian  Enchanted Armor  Founder Pack 
Maximilian Jamez Ripher Rooster Teeth Promotion
Maximilian  Orc Slayer  Facebook Like* 
Maximilian  Cardboard Samurai  PAX Giveaway 
Maximilian  Lionheart  Social Contest 
Maximilian  Scared-Crow  Halloween Giveaway 
Maximilian  PAXimilian 2015  PAX East 2015 
Maximilian  Lucky Tunic  Survey/Closed Beta 
Smolder  Firestarter  OBT Log In Promotion 

*Note: The Maximilian Orc Slayer skin promotion on Facebook is not currently available.

Many players have earned different promotional skins throughout the closed and open beta of OMDU. If you couldn’t join us at PAX East or missed the open beta survey, rejoice! If you redeemed a code for ANY of the skins below prior to the December 6, 2016 update, you’ll be provided with ALL of the skins below following Update 1.6.

  • Scared-Crow Maximilian
  • PAXimilian Maximilian
  • Orc Slayer Maximilian
  • Lucky Tunic Maximilian
  • Promising Prodigy Gabriella
  • Frightfully Delightful Gabriella
  • Violet Vintage Gabriella
  • Firestarter Smolder
  • War Chief Tundra
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