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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: My friend already has an account, can I add them as a referral or vice versa?

A: No, the Refer-a-Friend program rewards players for bringing brand new players into the game. While accounts cannot be linked to share rewards retroactively, both you and your friend can earn rewards separately by inviting new players!


Q: I referred my friend and they created an account, but they didn’t use the link I gave them. Can we get them added to my referral list?

A: Have your friend follow the account creation steps again, using a different email address. Please be aware that any progress made on one account cannot be transferred to another.

Q: How do my friend and I receive the chests we’ve earned?

A: You will receive an alert in game that you can click to open a dialogue box. It will let you redeem the rewards right there and tell you which friends earned them for you.

Q: How can I verify progress towards chests?

A: Your personal Refer-a-Friend page on displays the status of each friend that you have referred including the rewards that you have earned.

Q: Where can I find a list of my referrals?

A: On the same Refer-a-Friend page.

Q: Will my friend and I continue to gain chests past 50 wins?

A: Once each friend that you refer has won 50 games you will each officially be awesome and will not continue to earn rewards.
Q: I invited a friend and they show on my pending list, but they did not receive the email. What can I do?
A: Ask them to check their spam and trash folders. If they still cannot find it, you can simply send them your personal referral link which is displayed on your Refer-a-Friend page.
Q: Are any other rewards planned for the future?
A: No further rewards are planned just yet.

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