I'm getting a "Servers are unavailable" error message or I'm always disconnecting. What should I do?

If you're not able to connect to the game, there are a few thing to check!

Check if the OMDU servers are up

You won't be able to play if the servers aren't up. You can check using the following steps:

1. Check if the servers are up here.

2. Check if there is a weekly maintenance here.

Check if something is blocking your connection

If you've checked and the servers are up, then something is blocking your connection to our servers!

1. Disable your antivirus, malware detection, internet security, and firewall programs. These can silently interfere with your connection.

Tip: This article explains the general steps involved in configuring your firewall for OMD!U.

2. Disable any additional programs you have running. Particularly, peer-to-peer file sharing programs can monopolize the ports needed for OMD!U to function properly. There are a wide variety of programs available that have peer-to-peer features, and we recommend you disable all of them when playing OMD!U.

3. Flush your OMD!U config files.

4. Reinstall the game.

Check your system and router

1. Restart your modem, router and computer.

Share your logs with our team

If you're still having trouble, please provide our team your logs!

Additionally, please follow these directions so you can tell us what your Steam download region is set for:

1. Load the Steam client.
2. When the Steam Store loads, click on Steam on the upper left.
3. Select Settings from the popup menu.
4. Click on the Downloads tab.
5. Grab a screenshot of this page and send it back to us.


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