Are there any Hero Academy options not listed in the settings menu on the PC?

You can customize elements of Hero Academy on Steam beyond the in-game settings menu by creating a user.cfg file. Instructions for creating and editing a user.cfg file are below.

  1. Navigate to ~yourInstallPath~\Steam\steamapps\common\Hero Academy and create a text file called user.cfg. Ensure that you aren't creating a file called user.cfg.txt, as this is a common mistake in this step.

  2. Edit user.cfg and add options from the list below to change your settings:
  • DisableAutoLogin  – adding this to user.cfg prevents automatic login at the start.

  • TouchDragDeadZone=x  – set x to a number to make the mouse drag dead zone larger or smaller. This will change how it feels to drag heroes and other items around. The default is 12 (pixels).

  • PreloadPuppets  – adding this to user.cfg improves the loading time for individual games at the expense of the initial game loading time.

  • BackgroundFPSCap=x  – limits the FPS when the game is running in the background (doesn’t have focus). Defaults to 30.

  • MinimizeToTray  – adding this to user.cfg will minimize the game to the tray without displaying it on the Windows task bar.
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