My wins aren't counting on the Game Center leaderboards. What should I do?

You may notice that when your opponent resigns or is autoresigned, your win doesn't immediately count on your Game Center leaderboards. There are a few possible reasons for that. For starters, your win/loss record only gets tallied up and sent to Game Center when one of the following three things occurs:

  1. You submit a victory.
  2. You watch a final move in your defeat.
  3. You resign a game.

When you perform one of those three actions, an updated count is sent to Game Center for leaderboard additions. This means that if you have a handful of games that auto-resign at once, they may not be reflected on the leaderboard until you win, lose, or resign another game. 

Additionally, Game Center sometimes takes a few or several minutes to update the numbers that Hero Academy sends over. This is beyond our control, but you shouldn't have to wait too long for those numbers to appear properly. 

Furthermore, we will note that games that end within the first 5 turns (3 for one player and 2 for the other) are not counted.

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