My game didn't install correctly. How do I repair my install?

If you feel something has gotten dorked up in your install, or you deleted a file, or we broke something and ask you to repair your install, here are the steps:

1. On your desktop you should have an icon to launch OMDU, right click on that and select "Send to-> Desktop (create shortcut)".  This just makes a copy of it.
2. Find that new copy of the short cut - rename it "OMDU Repair"
3. Right click on that short cut, select properties.
4. There is a field in the dialog named "Target:" that points to the OMDU.exe.  In that field add a space and "-repair".  So the target field says "[location]\OMDU.exe -repair".
5. Press OK to save that.
6. Run that new short cut.

The patcher will now run through the install and verify everything is installed correctly.  Anything goofed up it will pull down a new version of just that bad file and replace it.

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