How do I invite my friends to play Hero Academy 2 on Facebook? Are there referral rewards?

Once a player has connected their account to Facebook they can invite Friends to play!

In the Social option on the main menu a player can review their friends on Facebook in the ‘Friends’ tab and can invite more friends to join Hero Academy 2.

To invite a friend, use the ‘Search’ option and type their Facebook username.

To send the invitation select the ‘+’ icon located near the top right corner of the Friend's name, which will change the '+' symbol to a check-mark- indicating the invitation will be sent to be accepted to this Friend.

Hit 'Send' in the top right corner of the Invitation Box to Send the invite. Once accepted, the Friend invited will need to connect to Facebook, and will then appear on a your Friends’ list in game.

If a Friend is unlisted, it is possible they have deactivated access to allow invitations on Facebook, disabled permissions in the App, or have already been invited and accepted.

Referring a Friend can grant the referring player a one time Bonus 25 Gems once the invited Friend has accepted an invitation to join, created an account, and connected the account to Facebook.

To verify if a Friend was invited and connected their account, the player who sent the invite can check the 'Social' option, and then 'Friends' tab. Here they will see a 'Friend Rewards' button listed below online Friends. Once this is selected, a pop-up window will inform the Player which of their Friends accepted the invitation and joined, and can then collect the 25 Gems.

Gems are granted once per successful player invitation, meaning if the player has already been invited and connected previously by the same or a different player, Gems are not granted again for additional invitations.

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