How do I connect to Facebook?

To connect an Account to Facebook players can visit ‘Social’ in the main menu, visit the ‘Friends’ tab, and select ‘Connect’ near the Facebook icon. Players may also connect by visiting the Gear icon (Options) in the top right hand corner of the screen, selecting Account, and then choosing the ‘Connect to Facebook’ option.

After selecting the option to Connect to Facebook players will either need to enter in their Facebook credentials to sign in, or if the player is signed in to Facebook on the Facebook Application or browser window they will be directed to grant Hero Academy 2 permissions then connect.

Hero Academy 2 will request permissions for the player’s Profile and Friends’ list to Facebook which can be disabled in the same Permissions pop-up window. Please note, if a player disables access to their Friends’ list, that player will be unable to see if any Friends are playing Hero Academy 2. Once selected permissions are chosen select ‘Continue’ to connect the account.

Once connected, a player can review any Friends who also play Hero Academy 2 (if access to Friends’ list has been allowed under permissions) and invite Friends to play!

If you experience errors while attempting to connect to Facebook, please see our helpful article here.

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