Crafting and Inks 101: Creating Cards

Hero Academy 2 offers a Crafting system which allows players to create new cards using Inks. Players can choose to Craft a specific card, or choose to Craft a random card based on rarity value using Inks.

Inks are used to craft cards, and can be obtained by Disenchanting excess cards. Players can craft cards that they do not yet have in their possession, but cannot craft cards granted as Rewards, which are located at the top row of cards in each Faction with a glowing border.

There are two ways to Craft a card:

Under the Crafting menu, players can Craft a specific card by selecting the ‘Collection’ option. This will direct the player to select the House or Faction the desired card belongs to, select a desired card to Craft, and then choose 'Craft Card.' This will create a pop-up window which provides the player with the amount of Ink and time required to create that specific card, and the option to Craft it. 

If a player chooses to craft a random card based on Rarity value, they may visit the 'Crafting' option in the main menu or home page. Rarity values of cards are listed in the Crafting window to choose from. Selecting a Card Rarity value will display the amount of Ink and time required to craft. Rarity is scaled from Basic (white), Rare (green), Fantastic (blue), Epic (purple), or Legendary (yellow). The more rare a card, the more Ink and time it will take to craft. Once a card has finished crafting, a player may then choose from one of three randomly selected card options of that rarity value.

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