What are 'Friendly' games?

A Friendly game allows players within the same Guild the ability to Duel each other and practice different strategies or new decks in Duels without Rank being impacted and reward no Gold, Cards, or XP upon completion.

To search for a Friendly game, select 'Social' on the main menu, and then choose Guild chat. This chat is separate from Global chat and is only visible to current Guild members.

In Guild chat there is a 'Friendly Game' icon located within the chat box window which will extend an invitation to any active Guild member to join into a Friendly match. If a Guild member accepts the Friendly match by selecting the 'Join' option in Guild chat, the two players will enter into a Friendly match.

A Friendly game request may be cancelled by the originating player if no Guild member has yet accepted the Friendly match by selecting the 'Cancel' button in the chat box window.

Players who are not in a Guild are unable to participate in Friendly matches. 

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