How can I create or Join a Guild?

Guilds are social groups which allow up to 50 players to join together who may share mutual interests, goals, or for Friendly non-ranked matches in Duels.

Guilds are ranked using points obtained by dueling other players to reach the top of the leader boards and earn some serious bragging rights in Hero Academy 2.

To create or to join an existing Guild, players can select the Social option in the main menu, then select ‘Join a Guild.’ This will provide the option to either join an existing Guild or to create a new Guild.

When attempting to join an existing Guild, if the Guild is ‘Open’ it will auto-accept any join requests, however if acceptance is based on ‘By Request’ the Guild Leader may then allow or deny entry into a Guild. If a player is denied entry, they can attempt to join a different Guild or create their own.

When creating a Guild, a player will choose their Guild name and ‘Tag,’ which is a 3 letter abbreviation for the Guild which can also be used as a search tool for the Guild by other players and is displayed in matches. The Guild creator is automatically assigned as the Guild leader and will choose if the Guild is 'Open' to auto-accept join requests, or if the Guild is ‘By Request’ which will require the Guild Leader to approve or deny entry.

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