When I try to request a Password Reset email, the email never arrives.

If a player has requested a Password Reset but does not receive the Password Reset email, there are two possible causes:

The first is that the email is being delivered to a spam or junk mail folder, so be sure to check these for the Password Reset email. If after checking these folders a player is still unable to find any email, please add to your list of trusted Email contacts and try requesting a password again. 

If a player is unable to locate the Reset email in a spam or inbox folder, then the email address may have been entered incorrectly upon Registering their account.

 In order to change a Registered email address on an account, players will need to contact Support. In your request, be sure to include your account Nickname and current Registered email address.

 If you do not know the current Registered email address please send an email to or fill out a Support Ticket here: for further assistance.

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