How can I view card and item stats?

Players may review the entire card collection by selecting the ‘Cards’ tab in the main menu. A Player's Card Collection is divided by Houses or Factions, and each category will contain the full list of all cards of this type, whether they are in a player's inventory or not.

To review certain card information, a player can select a House or Faction, and can then individually select cards to learn more about them. The information displayed on a card can help a player know: which buffs or spells may be applied to this card, Mana Cost, starting Attack Power, Health, Armor, and any Special abilities the Card may have. 

Reviewing card information may also be done by selecting a card in a player's hand or by selecting an enemy Hero while in-game. Additionally, the card ‘Type’ will be listed at the bottom of a card indicating which spells or buffs may be applied to it.

Frequently reviewing a Card collection allows players to keep track of which cards they possess, which cards they are able to Craft, Reward card status, Vanity Skin status, and other useful information when building customized decks!

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