How do I obtain Gold vanity Skins for my cards?

Each playable character in Hero Academy 2 has the ability to unlock their own personalized Gold vanity Skin which can be equipped and adds a unique effect to each character.

Cards are 'capped' or limited as far as how many of each card a player can possess, regardless of if that card is equipped in a current deck or is stored in an inventory. Additional cards granted through rewards or Card Packs grant 'excess' cards, which automatically go to be Disenchanted for Inks and count towards unlocking a Gold vanity skin. These Gold vanity Skins can be obtained by collecting a certain number of duplicate cards which can vary on each character.

To check Gold vanity Skin progress visit the 'Cards' icon in the main menu and choose from any of the available Houses or factions to review current card inventory. Upon selecting a character, current progress toward obtaining the Gold vanity Skin is displayed with the option to 'Pick a Costume.'

To change a character's appearance once a Gold vanity Skin becomes unlocked, simply select the card the Skin has become unlocked for, select Pick a Costume, and then select the Skin. Give your opponents the ol' razzle dazzle!

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