Dueling 101: Become a Hero Academy 2 Champion

Hero Academy 2 offers live, turn-based Player vs. Player action where there can be only one winner! Face off against players around the world using your customized deck of Heroes to destroy your opponents, and work your way up the ranks to become a Hero Academy 2 champion and earn Duel Chests.

Dueling can be started on the main or home page of Hero Academy 2 by selecting the Duel button located in the center of the page to enter a matchmaking system. Once two opponents are matched, each player will take turns to attack and strategize to destroy their opponents crystals, with a total of 12 waves before the match heads to Overtime.

Overtime occurs if both players still have any Crystal health remaining after the 12th turn has been completed for each player. Overtime will provide a player with a unique ‘Crystal Splitter’ card each turn, which deals direct Crystal damage and grants bonus Mana. There are no ties in Dueling- only one player can win! Utilize your cards and spells wisely to defeat your opponents and earn Rank.

Rank is a measure of a player’s performance in Duels. Rank points are earned with each victory and winning streaks can provide a Rank point bonus. All players will begin with a Rank rating of 20 and after each victory will earn Rank points to work their way up to Rank 1 then will move to Champion Rank. A lost Duel will result in lost Rank points and can lower a Ranking level.

Duel Chests are displayed on the home screen and are earned by completing Multiplayer Duels which grant Shards. Shards are earned with each Duel (win or lose) based on the damage amounts done to an enemy's crystal. Once 100 Shards have been earned, it will unlock a Duel chest to be opened. Duel Chests can be opened on the Home screen and grant Gold and Inks to players.

Compete with other players all around the globe to become a Champion and earn awesome Rewards!

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