What are the different game-play modes of Hero Academy 2?

 Hero Academy 2 offers players a wide variety of Campaign story modes featuring different unique Heroes and Villains, strategic Challenges, and live Player vs. Player Duels!

  • Campaigns:  Campaign stories introduce new Heroes and Villains to players to earn Inks and Ultra Card Packs. Introductory Campaigns feature different abilities, Heroes, and spells which allow players an opportunity to learn how to utilize different skills and strategies to complete a set goal for each Campaign level.

While progressing through a Campaign, a player can unlock Ultra House Packs, which include the cards featured in the Campaign or House to build a formidable customized deck against enemies. Once completed, Campaigns also feature a Hard difficulty mode to offer additional challenges and rewards!

  • Challenges Unlike Campaigns which allow a player to build and edit their personalized deck along the way, Challenges offer unique objectives utilizing pre-set Challenge decks for each match.

Challenges offer just that, a challenge to players to complete a goal with limited spells, cards, or even turn counts. Challenges will test a player's skill, strategy, and timing to complete each match and earn rewards.

  • Duels Dueling is a live, turn-based Player vs. Player match where each player will test their skill and custom Decks against other players to earn Rank points and become a Hero Academy 2 champion.

Players will face off against one another with the goal of destroying their enemies' crystals first. Each player will take turns to attack and strategize, with a total of 12 waves to destroy their opponents’ crystal before the match heads to Overtime. Test you mettle and face off against other Hero Academy 2 players!

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