I want to download this game on my other tablet, computer, or new phone. How can I do this? Will I lose all my progress?

In order to access an account across different devices or to protect data from being lost before an uninstall is done, players must first Register the original account to preserve all progress and transaction history.

After Registering an account, a player may then sign in to a different device or perform an uninstall / reinstall of the application without losing data or progress! 

How do I sign in to my account on different Devices/Platforms?

To access an account on a different device, launch a brand-new session of Hero Academy 2 on the other device. Players will have the option to choose a Username, continue with a pre-filled out Username, or will see an option for 'I have an Account.'

Select 'I have an Account' to sign in to an existing account and then sign in under the Registered email address. This will load into an existing account with up-to-date progression.

If a player's original account was not Registered, that player will be unable to recover any data and must create a new account.

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