I opened a Vanity Chest and my Items did not show, are they missing?

 I recently opened or Purchased a Vanity chest and my Items did not display! Why is this?

An error is currently preventing Heroic Dyes from displaying correctly when received in chests on the PS4. However, the Heroic Dyes are being added to your inventory!

*  Our team is aware of the error, and expects to have a fix for it next Patch!  *


 How can I be sure I received my item?

After purchasing or unlocking a chest, you can review its contents by returning to the Store, selecting the Chest purchased, and clicking the 'See Chest Contents' tab. This will show all unlocked items from the selected Vanity chest (Starter Vanity, Grand Vanity, and Classic Vanity)

Alternately, by visiting the Workshop, then reviewing the Heroes tab, you will notice a "new" or "!" icon on any recently unlocked Dyes.


 What is a Heroic Dye? What can I do with it?

Heroic Dyes can be applied to any skin available for the selected unlocked Hero. Heroic Dyes will change the color scheme and detailing of the skin. Heroic, Epic, and Legendary Dyes are available either in game or by purchasing Vanity Chests.


If you have any concerns or questions about potentially missing items, please feel free to submit a Support Ticket with us here:!/en/support/contact-us

We will happily investigate your account to ensure all recently purchased or unlocked items have been added to your inventory.



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